Bishopstoke Football Teams

(Through the ages)

Bishopstoke Football Team circa 1905 with the Rev. Ashmall

Bishopstoke boys football team mid 1900’s


Bishopstoke United FC 1919-20 (outside the old reading room in Church Road)

Bishopstoke FC 1919-20

Stoke Common FC 1921-22

Stoke Common FC 1921-22 (with names)

Stoke Common FC 1921-22 (with names)

Stoke Common FC 1924-25

Stoke Common FC 1924-25  (with names)

St. Mary’s 23-24 ( With George Steven Smith sitting behind the trophy)

St.Mary’s FC (date unknown)




St. Mary’s FC (date unknown)

Bishopstoke Scouts FC 1921-22

Bishopstoke Institute 1920-21

Bishopstoke Junior’s 1916-17



Possible Bishopstoke football team

Bishopstoke first XII 1954-55

Wyvern FC 1965?

Wyvern 1965 ( with names)

Wyvern 1966

Wyvern FC


Stoke Park Juniors 1962-63

Stoke Park Athletic FC 1970-71


Stoke Park Juniors School team

Eastleigh Boy’s Club FC (December 1988)

Bishopstoke Social FC 1979-80

Bishopstoke Social FC 1979-80 (League and Cup winners)

Bishopstoke Social Club reserves, October 1987

Anglers FC