Bishopstoke Rate Book – November 1909

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(Page 1)  Stoke Common

(Page 2)  Stoke Common

(Page 3)  Stoke Common/ Stoke Hill

(Page 4)  Stoke Common/Spring Lane

(Page 5)  Spring Lane/Stoke Hill

(Page 6)  Stoke Hill/Church Road

(Page 7)  Church Road

(Page 8)  St. Margarets Road

(Page 9)  Church Road/Stoke Park Road

(Page 10)  Church Road

(Page 11)  Stoke Common/Anglers Inn

(Page 12)  Stoke Common

(Page 13)  Riverside/Stoke Common

(Page 14)  Spring Lane/Scotter Road

(Page 15)  Scotter Road

(Page 16)  Guest Road

(Page 17)  Guest Road

(Page 18)  Spring Lane

(Page 19)  Spring Lane/ Sydney Terrace

(Page 20)  Sydney Terrace

(Page 21)  Hamilton Road

(Page 22)  Hamilton Road

(Page 23)  Hamilton Road

(Page 24)  Hamilton Road

(Page 25)  Spring Lane

(Page 26)  Spring Lane/Mill Road (Montague Terrace)

(Page 27)  Mill Road/(Montague Road)

(Page 28)  Various Roads

(Page 29)  St. Mary’s Road

(Page 30)  Various Roads

(Page 31)  Nelson Road

(Page 32)  St. Mary’s Road (WestSide)

(Page 33)  St. Mary’s ( West Side)/Nelson Road

(Page 34)  Nelson Road/ Portal Road

(Page 35)  Portal Road

(Page 36)  Summary Page

(Page 37)  Summary Page


(Page 38)  Summary Page


(Page 39) Last Page  Summary Page