Bishopstoke Infants School photos (click on on image to enlarge).

Infants School

Infants Nativity Play 1960 .

May Day 1960ish

Miss Star’s class

Miss Bird class 1961/62 (with some names)

Mrs. Mann’s Class 1961/62

Mrs. Rose class

Miss Star’s class

? class

Infants school Carnival

Infants school class

Last day for this group July 1976.

Infants class mid 1980’s

Easter Bonnets C. 1985

Mrs Fowler’s class iF Easter C1985.

Easter Bonnets

Easter Bonnets C. 1984

C 1980’s

Class a

Class b

Class c

Class d

Class e

Class f

Class g

Class h

Dinner Ladies

Dinner Ladies

Teachers and Dinner Ladies

Bishopstoke Council Infants class

Names of Bishopstoke Council Infants class





Miss Owens class 1959

Miss Owens class 1959 with names