Bishopstoke Rate Book – 6th. April 1925

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(Page 1)  Stoke Common

(Page 2)  Stoke Common

(Page 3)  Church Road

(Page 4)  Stoke Common Road/Spring Lane

(Page 5)  Church Road

(Page 6)  Church Road

(Page 7) Church Road/ St. Margarets Road

(Page 8) St. Margarets/ Church Road

(Page 9) Church Road

(Page 10) Church Road/ Stoke Common

(Page 11)  Church Road/ Stoke Common

(Page 12)  Riverside/Stoke Common

(Page 13)  Scotter Road

(Page 14)  Scotter Road

(Page 15)  Guest Road

(Page 16)  Guest Road

(Page 17)  Spring Lane /Hamilton Road

(Page 18)  Hamilton Road

(Page 19)  Hamilton Road

(Page 20)  Hamilton Road

(Page 21)  Hamilton Road

(Page 22)  Hamilton Road

(Page 23)  Spring Lane

(Page 24)  Portal Road/ Spring Lane

(Page 25)  Mill Road

(Page 26)  Mill Road

(Page 27)  St. Mary’s Road

(Page 28)  Nelson Road

(Page 29)  Nelson Road

(Page 30)  St. Mary’s

(Page 31)  St. Mary’s/Nelson Road

(Page 32)  Nelson/Portal Road

(Page 33)  Portal Road

(Page 34)  Spring Lane

(Page 35)  Various

(Page 36)  Various

(Page 37) Various

(Page 38)  Stoke Park Road

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